Thoughts on an anniversary 

This past week, we have celebrated our second anniversary as Railway Land Press and also launched our first Kickstarter campaign – – with an aim – no, desire! – to publish our third book in our third year. This might seem like a slim output compared to other publishers but over the past two years we have conceived many ideas and visuals; ideas that one day, with the right resources, we hope to make into fully fledged publications. The Thought-Ship is one such concept. It has been quite a journey already, navigating calm seas and choppy waters, learning more each day about the ups and downs of being a small publishing company.  

Our new project is quite a diversion from the first two books we published; “Thought-Ship is an original poem written by Nick Moore in an ancient, two-column form that invites readers to plot their own unique course through it. But it is more than a poem. ‘Thought-ship’ is a way of thinking. It is the idea of escaping the doldrums of our current world, shedding our skins, and setting out to discover lands where nature, the past and our mindful spirits might be found,” to quote our Kickstarter blurb. With beautiful wood engravings from Keith Pettit, this book promises to be a real treat for bibliophiles. Our plans are ambitious, but to make this concept into a reality, we need backing and enthusiasm from others to reach our goal. Please do take a moment to read through our Kickstarter page, watch the video and join our community. Whether you wish to be a supporter, passenger, press gang, shipwright, ship’s artist, navigator, crew, officer, patron or partner, the gangplank is ready, the press-gang is prowling, and Thought-Ship requests your presence on board…

Finally, we wish you all peace, joy and happy holidays. 

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