The Twelve Birds of Christmas

For all the bird lovers out there, we present an original poem based on the traditional Twelve Days of Christmas. It is the inspiration behind a set of beautifully illustrated Christmas cards that will be available in The Store this year as a limited printing. There are twelve different designs in each set, with the poem set on the back of every card. Get them while you can, they’re flying off the shelves, and see what birds your true love shows to you this year:

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
My true love showed to me:

Twelve bitterns booming,
Eleven snipe a-sniping,
Ten larks a-leaping,
Nine ravens rasping,
Eight jays a-jumping
Seven swallows skimming,
Six grebes a-playing,
Five lapwings,
Four calling terns,
Three Welsh wrens,
Two eider ducks,
And a barn owl in an oak tree.

© Copyright Jason Hook / Railway Land Press 2021

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