Miss moo-Poo’s games

Are you in the mooood for a game?

We hope you’ve read Miss Moo-Poo, Ali Stringell’s delightful picture book about a moody cow who won’t do what she’s told unless she’s given her favourite things to dress up in. In the book are two of Miss Moo-Poo’s favourite games to cut out and play:

In this game, which is a bit like the traditional game of ‘Beetle’, you use a dice to race your friends and see who can dress their Moo-Poo the fastest!

This is a memory game, where you try to remember Miss Moo-Poo’s moods (and she has lots of them!) in the right order. If you get them wrong, you might find your friends shouting ‘MOOOOO!’ at you!

You can download sheets of rules and the pieces for the two games, below, and then print them. Ask an adult to paste the sheets on to pieces of card and cut them out. Then keep them safe and ENJOY your MISS MOO-POO’S FAVOURITE GAMES…