Earth day

Happy Earth Day! Those words have never felt more important. Don’t whisper them. Plant a tree, climb to its top and shout them loud. This year’s Earth Day theme is #InvestInOurPlanet, and you can find some great ideas for joining in with that here. There are a billion people on board, and many more who care, but we need all of us to join the movement as individuals, as organisations and (surely our planet’s warnings are being shouted loud enough!) as nations and governments.

Here’s a little contribution from our own children’s book, Castle Barmy, which tells the story of just what’s possible when you start listening to children and to nature, instead of to foolish kings and powerful magicians:

“When all the people unlocked their doors, they saw that the kingdom had changed. With the towns quiet and the roads empty,
the land had grown greener and the skies had grown bluer. The trees were taller, there were flowers everywhere and the air was filled with the singing of birds.

Lady Barmy was made Queen and ruled over the land from her castle in the north. And she did not ask clever men or magicians to be her ministers. Instead, she ruled with the help of Matilda and children from every corner of the kingdom.”

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